19-04lb 8oz Mirror caught from Earls View Carp Fishery, Shropshire19lb 4oz Mirror

Fishery Information

Earls view is a specialist carp fishery and as such is not to be compared to easier "Commercial" waters offering smaller sized and larger numbers of fish. This is a water more suited to experienced anglers as it can be challenging at times. On average anglers fishing a 24hr session can expect 2 or 3 fish although blanks can occur as on most big fish waters. On the other hand, if you get your timing and tactics right, it is possible to get some big hits. The best catch recorded so far is 12 fish in a 24hr session but feel free to improve on this.

So if you dont mind waiting for a fish in peaceful surroundings with plenty of space then Earls View will be just what you are looking for.