21 lb Mirror caught from Earls View Carp Fishery, Shropshire21lb Mirror

Fish stock

Earl's view has been stocked with some of the finest English carp you can get.

The first batch of carp were introduced in April 2011 and were supplied by Stafford Supa Carp. The parentage of these carp is a cross of Horseshoe and Orchid Lake fish, both of which are well known for producing 30lb plus fish. These fish have so far far shown impressive growth rates and we expect to see a good number of these as 20's in 2012.

The second stocking took place in November 2011 with the fish being supplied by VS fisheries and are some of the best looking fish you can get. They range from big plated mirrors to zip linears, leathers and some great shaped commons which look like being big fish in the future.

The current lake stock stands at 130 fish with an average weight of 16 - 17lb in 2011. In 2012 we expect to be seeing lots of new 20's putting in an appearance.

Below are some of the VS fisheries sourced fish stocked in 2011. Please click on the thumbnails for larger images.